Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oil Well Mishap, Five Miles West of Watford City; No Reported Injuries


December 26, 2012: photos of the well, taken about the time of the blowout:

December 24, 2012: well is under control.  Blew Friday night; capped early Sunday evening.
The initial height of the blowout was caused by intense pressure from the well and because the blowout forced the well pipe up out of the well and it got caught up in the workover rigging.
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Link here to The Bismarck Tribune.  Occurred during fracking/completing the well.
Wild Well Control is on location and will bring in specialized equipment with plans to get the well controlled today.
[A spokesman] said no one was injured in the blowout.
Two wells on DRL status five miles west of Watford City, both on the same pad:
  • 19675, 84, Newfield, Drovdal 150-99-7-6-1H, Tobacco Garden, t5/11; cum 2K 11/12; (updated January 21, 2013)
  • 19676, drl, Newfield, Drovdal 150-99-18-19-1H, South Tobacco Garden,
No other wells in DRL status in that area. One well on confidential three miles west (also a Newfield well, #23207) and a Hess well five miles well with a rig on site.

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