Friday, August 16, 2019

Still Looking For That Optimum Well Spacing Density -- RimRock's KOG Skunk Creek Wells -- Updated -- August 16, 2019

Production data for the Skunk Creek wells has been updated In addition, a new map of the area of interest has been posted at that same link. This post will not be updated. Updates are at the linked site.

Of note:
Off line:
  • 19587, 2,665, Rimrock/KOG, Skunk Creek 12-10-11-9H, South Fork;  t10/11; cum 367K 3/19; off line as of3/19;
  • 22162, 1,749, Rimrock/KOG, Skunk Creek 16-2-3-13H, South Fork, t12/12; cum 246K 6/19; -- off line as of 6/19;  
Off line for a month, but now back on line:
  • 19817, 212, Rimrock/KOG, Skunk Creek 2-8-17-7-15H, South Fork; t1/12; cum 201K 6/19; choked back a bit; very unusual production profile; 

14-well density and counting.

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