Saturday, November 10, 2018

Goodnight ... See You Tomorrow ... Thank You For Your Service ... God Speed ... And Good Luck

I was just getting ready to sign off for the night. I posted my last note on the blog for the day. I was going to check my e-mail and then close the MacBook Air and watch a little football, read a bit.

And then I find this in my e-mail. A note from a reader with the link to this video:

There are so many story lines here.

It is impossible to articulate the "mind-set" of military surgeons. I certainly do not "understand" them. They are beyond my comprehension.

Age "goes out the window."

In this video, we watch a 60-year-old orthopedic surgeon join the military and serve as a combat orthopedic surgeon -- his comments about the lone piper are profound. During my 30 years in the service, a lone piper seemed to appear in the most unusual and unexpected places, perhaps only a handful of times, but always when least expected and most needed.

A huge thanks to the reader for sending me the video. It really, really means a lot.

Lots of memories.

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