Saturday, November 10, 2018

MDU's Valley Expansion -- Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion -- Southeastern North Dakota -- In-Service -- November 10, 2018

See this February 17, 2018, post for background.

That project has now been green-lighted. Link here. FERC said MDU's WBI Energy can begin operating:
  • $57 million Valley Expansion
  • around north side of Fargo, ND
  • 40 million cf/d of additional gas  
  • Tharaldson Ethanol Plant 1 LLC -- ethanol plant near Casselton, ND -- customer

Note: Don noted the huge size of the compressor -- 3,000-horsepower electric-driven compressor station. From this site:
Reciprocating compressors in gas production and gathering systems range in size from below ~ 100 BHP (75 kW) to around 6700 BHP (5000 kW) with a median size from about 1300 BHP (1000 kW) to approximately 2600 BHP (2000 kW). Rotary screw compressors used in oil and gas production applications exhibit approximately the same size ranges. Reciprocating compressor speeds range between 200 and 1500 rpm, and rotary screw compressors have median speeds of about 1500 rpm. 
So, if I understand this (and I don't) correctly, the "median size" tends to max out at 2600 horsepower. The MDU compressor in this story: 3000 horsepower.

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