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Thorvald/Cuskelly Wells? Random Note: It Appears EOG's School 1-16H In Parshall Oil Field Is Back On-Line -- December 22, 2017


December 11, 2018: production profiles for two new Cuskelly wells at this post.

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A reader wants to know if:
.... anyone has any information on the Cuskelly/Thorvald wells that were just drilled in Rattlesnake Point. Two of them are still listed as LOC. 
I assume that since two of these wells are SI/NC, the two that have just been drilled are also SI/NC.

See this post.

I assume these are the Thorvald/Cuskelly wells being talked about:
  • 29711, IA/1,625, CLR, Cuskelly 4-7H1, Rattlesnake Point, 62 stages; 12.2 million lbs, t6/18; cum 111K 12/18; note: the sundry forms with frack data has this as a middle Bakken well; in fact, it's a Three Forks B1 well; a few months of production; then off line; remains off line 7/19;
  • 29710, 1,985, CLR, Thorvald 3-6H, Rattlesnake Point, 64 stages; 12 million lbs, t9/18; cum 65K 7/19; note: the sundry forms with frack data has this as a Three Forks B1 well; in fact, it's a middle Bakken well; three months of production and then off line; back on line 6/19;
  • 29709, loc, CLR, Thorvald 5-6H2, Rattlesnake Point,
  • 29708, loc, CLR, Cuskelly 5-7H2, Rattlesnake Point,
The other Thorvald/Cuskelly wells:
  • 21283, 659, CLR, Thorvald 2-6H, runs north, t1/12; cum 311K 7/19;
  • 17451, 275, CLR, Thorvald 1-6H, runs north, t4/09; cum 254K 7/19; was off line 6/19; back on line 7/19;
  • 22203, 1,430, CLR, Cuskelly 2-7H, runs south, t3/14; cum 208K 7/19;
  • 17560, 376, CLR, Cuskelly 1-7H, runs south, t12/09; cum 243K 7/19;
Note production jump for #17560:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

A Random Note: This EOG Well Seems To Be Back On Line

It appears this well is back on-line.
Posted back on September 24, 2017: 16846, EOG, off-line; a big well; activity in the area? nope, I don't see any reason for this well coming off line. Said to be IA with no explanation; now back on line as of 10/17; it has not produced much in the last couple of years and was shut in 1/17 - 9/17; its official status was IA but is now back on A status, and one on-line for one day in 10/17; full months in 2019 but very little production;
  • 16846, 1,721, EOG, School 1-16H, Parshall, t3/08; cum 430K 7/19; coming to an end; workover or re-frack needed; full month production generating only 100 bbls/month (5/19); only 46 bbls, 7/19;

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