Monday, March 21, 2016

Not A Steve Jobs Event By Any Stretch -- March 21, 2016

From Business Insider: Apple just dropped the price of the Apple Watch — it's not an encouraging sign.
At today's Apple event, CEO Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch is the #1 best selling smartwatch in the world.

And to keep that train rolling, Cook says, the Apple Watch is now starting at $299 — a $50 discount from its former $349 starting price.

Cook also says that Apple will be introducing a new kind of Apple Watch band, made from woven nylon, and coming in a variety of colors. 
On my bicycle ride home, thinking about the presentation, I knew that analysts would not be happy. And I have to agree: Tim Cook today was not Steve Jobs.

It was a short event by comparison to usual Apple events. I wonder if the FBI situation is taking its toll.

However, having said that, anyone complaining about the price of the Apple Watch coming down is missing the point. Ford does the same thing: whatever it takes to make sure F-150 remains the #1 vehicle sold in the US.

And, oh, by the way, the money is not being made on the watch. It's being made on the band. My wife has already decided to forego with the "free" Sport band that comes with the $349 $299 watch and will buy the $149 Milanese loop instead.

In fact, now that the Apple Watch has come down $50, I'm going to suggest she look at the $449 link bracelet band. LOL.

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