Monday, March 21, 2016

Marathon (MRO) To Sell Wyoming Assets; Continue Focus On North Dakota, Texas; Easter -- March 21, 2016; Apple Back At #1

From the Casper StarTribune: MRO is selling its Wyoming assets, some data points:
  • MRO had been in Wyoming for more than a century
  • in Wyoming, interests had been focused around older fields in the Big Horn and Wind River basins, heavy, sour crude
  • looking for $1 billion
  • had been third-largest producer in Wyoming
The article also noted that Anadarko Petroleum had greatly reduced its presence in Wyoming also. 

This is a huge opportunity for a multi-billionaire with over-valued assets in other areas (such as art, wine, antiques) to monetize, and build a new fortune in oil.

$1 billion / 7.2 million bbls produced in 2015 = $138/bbl.

The Apple Page

From USA Today:
The rally in Apple has been enough to push it back past Google parent Alphabet as the world's most valuable company at $587 billion, a title it briefly lost earlier this year.
Alphabet shares are up too, rising nearly 5% over the past 30 days. But even with that gain, Alphabet has slipped behind Apple with a market value of $514 billion.
Easter Snow In Boston

After a heavy overnight snowfall in Boston, the Kennedy clan does not have to leave town for Easter this year to see snow.

A Note To the Granddaughters

I'm continuing to read Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. The number of things I learn seems to be endless.

I finally understand how "they" determine when Easter is to be celebrated.

First, start with two eggs, a cup of milk, and two cups of Bisquick. My mistake, that's how I start when making the perfect pancake ... Easter ..

First start with the spring equinox, when the length of daylight and the length of darkness are about equal -- that would be easy for the shepherds.

When that day/night occurs, then watch for the first full moon. That would be really, really easy for the shepherds.

Easter would then be that very next Sunday. And that's all there is to it. Almost as easy as making pancakes.

Pentecost falls fifty days later ("fifty" from "five" from "penta"). If "fifty" days seems odd, then another way to remember Pentecost, is seven (7) Sundays after Easter, which would be pretty easy to count.

The Pentecost feast is also called Whit Sunday in some countries (particularly Great Britain), and Whit Monday is often a public holiday.

In Doctor Zhivago, Lara and Pasha were married on Whit Monday.

For someone like me, I could imagine in old age forgetting what comes first, Pentecost or Easter, but because of Doctor Zhivago it's unlikely I will ever forget. If one is going to get married in Siberia, would be it be better to schedule your wedding/reception at Easter or on Whit Monday? Well, duh -- fifty days before Easter it's going to be a blizzard of a day in Siberia -- better to wait another seven Sundays and get into a bit of warmer weather.

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