Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Kennedy Clan Will Get Another Chance To See Snow -- Absolutely Nothing About The Bakken

On February 20, 2014, I posted this subject line: "For Warmists Or Deniers, One Has To Admit This Is One Humdinger Of A Winter -- Update From The Twin Cities." From that post:
The winter storm pushing its way into Minnesota on Thursday snarled the evening commute, closed afternoon and evening activities at schools, canceled some evening college classes and set snow emergencies in motion throughout the metro area.
By the time it passes, the storm could leave the most significant snowfall of the season.
The National Weather Service (NWS) predicted amounts of 10 inches in the core of the metro and deeper totals in northeast and southeast suburbs.
The last line at that post: The Kennedy clan should probably fly out to the Twin Cities the first chance they get; this may be the last time their children and their grandchildren ever see snow.

It turns out the Kennedy clan may not have to fly out to Minnesota after all. The snow is coming to them. LOL. IceAgeNow is reporting:
Headline: ‘Nor’easter Bomb’ could dump a foot of snow on parts of Northeast
No, those words don’t come from the “Daily Mail.” The National Weather Service minced no words in their description of the huge storm predicted to bear down on the Northeast beginning late Tuesday night.
“Nor’easter bomb indicated off the mid-Atlantic coast late Tuesday night,” said the Weather Service of the huge beast.
A “bomb” is a ferocious storm that intensifies rapidly, often just off the East Coast.
Also known as “explosive cyclogenesis,” a “bomb” is a technical word meteorologists use when low pressure centers deepen at a rate faster than 24 millibars in 24 hours, which happens in only the most intense storms.
Although its exact track and impact remain uncertain, the “bomb” could be a major snow producer, bringing heavy snow from Virginia to New England; from the Carolinas to Maine. Some models are calling for six inches of snow, some for a foot or more.
Go to the linked story to see how much snow might be dumped on Boston, home of the Kennedy clan. School will probably be canceled which will further ensure the grandchildren get to see "snow."

I assume Washington, DC, will close down for the sixth time this winter, which, itself, must be some sort of record. 

Meanwhile, the warmists in Minnesota are tracking record amounts of snowfall in their own state at this site.

Again, whether you are a warmist or a denier, this has been a humdinger of a winter. My biggest problem is keeping track of what the warmists are predicting: more snow or less snow with global warming.

Tired of this damn snow.

Meanwhile, New Jersey governor tells 3-y/o at town hall meeting that he, Chris Christie, is tied of this "damn snow." One would think he would like the fact that all this snow is taking the voters' minds off "bridgegate."

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