Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Whiting's (KOG) P Peterson Wells


February 5, 2017: graphic of the P Peterson wells at this post.

The wells.
  • 20563, PA/1,710, Whiting/KOG, P Peterson 155-99-2-15-22-15H, Epping, t6/12; cum 103K 7/13; middle Bakken?, 28 stages, 4 million lbs; there was no geologist's summary; the sundry form showed drilling only to the middle Bakken and yet the frack form said the "Three Forks formation was stimulated"; I think it is a middle Bakken well; a sundry form initially requested that this well be P&A until mid-2017; crossed out in ink and changed to September 30, 2016;
  • 21081, 2,053, Whiting/KOG, P Peterson 155-99-2-15-22-15H3, Epping, t61/2; cum 193K 12/16; Three Forks, 28 stages, 4.17 million lbs;
  • 26564, 1,878, Whiting, P Peterson 155-99-3-15-22-13H3, Epping, t5/14; cum 116K 12/16;
  • 26565, 1,516, Whiting, P Peterson 155-99-3-15-22-14H, Epping, t5/14; cum 115K 12/16;
  • 26566, 1,271, Whiting, P Peterson 155-99-3-15-22-14H3, Epping, t5/14; cum 94K 12/16;
  • 26567, 1,566, Whiting, P Peterson 155-99-3-15-22-15H, Epping, t5/14; cum 148K 12/16;

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