Friday, December 16, 2011

Fourteen (14) New Permits -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Daily activity report, December 16, 2011 --

Operators: Hess (3), BEXP (2), Samson Resources (2), Cornerstone, OXY USA, Petro Harvester, Slawson, Oasis, North Plains, Petro-Hunt

Fields: Woburn, Manning, Fortuna, Robinson Lake (Hess has 2 new permits there -- huge field), Todd, Cow Creek, Columbus, Kimberly, Truax, Gros Ventre, Boxcar Butte, Four Bears

Three wells released from confidential status; two completed/fracked:
  • 20012, 1,261, Denbury Onshore, Sorenson 34-32 NWH, McKenzie, in the bull's eye of the Bakken
  • 20686, 714, Zenergy, Irwin 14-23H, Williams
The Denbury Sorenson well should not be confused with BEXP's excellent Sorenson wells (that set records, I believe).

One well came off DRL status reporting nice IP:
  • 20763, 829, CLR, Beaver Creek State 1-36H, Golden Valley

New Madrid, Uncle Tupelo


    1. Where is your source to find the geographical location of the oil fields you reference?

    2. NDIC posts a daily activity report (every day) at this site:

      I link the NDIC webside at the sidebar at the right.

      The daily activity report is generally posted about 5:10 p.m. CST.

      It is not posted on weekends or holidays. It is an abbreviated report on opening day for deer hunting.

      Occasionally (very rarely) a report is a day late.

      I started posting a short synopsis a long time ago to a) give me a feeling for the number of permits daily; over time, a nice trend; b) a feeling for the fields that are attracting interest; again a nice trend; and, c) a feeling for the operators that are particularly active.

      Other than that, not much use, but I find it very, very interesting, and one of the high points of my blogging day.

    3. Don't mean to be a pain, but I am still not finding what I am looking for. Say you reference for example "heart butte field". Where can I find where this field physically lies?

    4. I misunderstood.

      Go to the NDIC home page:

      On the home page, there is a sidebar at the left. About halfway down is "GIS Map Server." Click on that. Or:

      A new window will open up with a map of North Dakota covered with green rigs.

      At that site, there is a sidebar on the left. Click on "Find Field/Unit" near the bottom of that sidebar.

      Then type in the name of the field you are looking for (just use one word like "heart" and then click on the field when it shows up.

      You can zoom in, zoom out. It takes awhile to feel comfortable with the GIS map server, but is is quite remarkable. And it is a million times better than what the other states have.

    5. You're welcome. It's not a bother, if you have other questions.

      This gave me an opportunity to add this to the sidebar at the right, how to use the NDIC GIS map server.