Friday, September 23, 2011

Utica Could Transform Rust Belt Into Diamond Belt -- Rigzone

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If the federal government stays out and the EPA stays away.
Ohio was home to some of the nation's earliest oil and gas activity, with over 8.5 Tcf of gas and 1.14 billion barrels of oil produced since 1860. Until recently, oil and gas exploration and production has been primarily focused on sandstone and limestone formations such as the Clinton. However, technological breakthroughs that have unlocked shale potential in other states could make development of Ohio's Utica shale possible, reversing the recent trend of declining oil production in the state.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Geological Survey estimates the recoverable reserve potential of the Utica/Point Pleasant shale play in Ohio at between 1.96 billion to 8.2 billion BOE. The Utica shale play extends across Pennyslvania, New York and other U.S. states as well as Canada.

Ohio's regulations now include some of the most advanced oil and gas laws following an update of the state's oil and gas permitting and drilling regulations last year, Mustine said.

"We've had hydraulic fracturing in Ohio for decades, and are very familiar with the process," Mustine said. [All the more reason for the EPA to come in and say they know better.]

The update, which was passed by the state's legislature as Senate Bill 165, updated some regulations covering hydraulic fracturing, including the requirement of disclosure of chemicals.

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