Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Globally: ND Ranked #6 For 2017 Petroleum Investment Opportunities -- December 8, 2016

North Dakota: #6 among top 10 plays for global oil investment in 2017. The full survey is here. Data points here:
  • Canadian public policy think-tank, annual survey; top 10 jurisdictions as the most attractive for investment in petroleum exploration and development (the group includes 96 urisdictions: large, medium, and small)
#1: Oklahoma; for the first time, beats out Texas
#2: Texas
#3: Kansas
#4: Saskatchewan
#5: Wyoming
#6: North Dakota (pesky pipeline issues; BLM flaring; high-tax) (was #8 last year)
#7: Norway -- North Sea
#8: Mississippi
#9: Utah
#10: Montana
#29: Qatar
#36: Pennsylvania
#43: Alberta, Canada
#49: Alaska
#61: Colorado
#68: Mexico
#77: Iraq
#87: Russia
#91: California
#96: Venezuela (last place)
Among jurisdictions with medium-sized reserves, ND was ranked #3, behind Oklahoma and Wyoming.

As a global survey, the top ten are certainly interesting -- Mississippi? Montana? Kansas?

Daily Activity Report

Active rigs:

Active Rigs3864188193182

No wells coming off confidential list Wednesday.

No new permits.

One permit canceled:
  • Whiting: a Loomer permit in McKenzie County.
And that was it for today's Daily Activity Report.

The Market

The Dow set another all-time record today. I was told this was the eleventh (11th) record-setting day for the Dow since the election. There have been 19.5 trading days since the election and I think on only two of those days was there a decline, and in both cases, the "retreat" was trivial. Futures don't mean squat but right now, futures are pointing to another good day tomorrow (for those bullish on the market).

The "crawler" at Yahoo!Finance suggests that WTI closed in the green today, at $52.10.

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