Thursday, February 4, 2021

Notes From All Over -- The Midnight Edition -- February 4, 2021

Super Bowl

This is purely cool ... or simply coincidental. Probably the latter, although my wife would humor me by telling me I'm always "in the know." LOL. 

About ten days ago I was in my Miley Cyrus phase. I never cared for her and never listened to her on purpose, but somehow the dots I was following ten days ago led me to Miley Cyrus. Oh, that's right, I was looking for Melanie and "Look What They've Done To My Song" and stumbled upon Miley. 

So, anyway, about ten days ago I was in my Miley Cyrus stage which lasted about 48 hours and I moved on. Tonight I see that CBS, hosting this Sunday's Super Bowl LV, is headlining ... Miley Cyrus

Are you kidding me? If we see the young and wild Miley Cyrus the show will be rated PG-13 or worse and half the audience will be hoping for a wardrobe malfunction (LOL). 

But maybe a more mature rock-and-roller will show up. 

Orange Blossom Special
Not Sorry

James Last And His Orchestra

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