Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Twenty-Four Permits Renewed; BR With Three New Permits -- WTI Trending Toward $50 -- November 25, 2020

Renewed permits: over the past couple of weeks -- let's gild the lily -- ever since the election, there seems to be a rush to renew permits in the Bakken. Hmmm, gee, I wonder what that could be all about? 

Active rigs:

Active Rigs1457625337

Three new permits, #37990 - #37992, inclusive:

  • Operator: BR
  • Fields: Lone Butte (Dunn), Little Knife (Dunn)
  • Comments:
    • BR has permits for a 3-well Lloyd Christmas/Tilton pad in SESW 7-147-97; one in Little Knife; two in Lone Butte;
    • the three wells will be sited 236/237 FSL and between 2099 and 2144 FWL

Twenty-four permits renewed:

  • Crescent Point Energy (12): six Ruby permits; six Holmes permits, all in Williams County;
  • Equinor (4): two Larsen permits and two L. Tufto permits, all in Williams County;
  • Hess (4): four LK-Bice permits in Dunn County;
  • CLR (3): two Schroeder permits, Williams County; and, one Stewart permit, Divide County;
  • Rimrock Oil & Gas: one Moccasin Creek permit in Dunn County

The BR permits in Lone Butte:

19184, 1,281, BR, Tilton 34-7H, Lone Butte, t3/11; cum 254K 9/20; current production is about as good as initial production; four stimulations:

  • 11/13/10: one stage; 123K lbs proppant;
  • 5/4/11: four stages; 22K lbs proppant;
  • 5/5/11: three stages; 908K lbs proppant;
  • 5/6/11: two stages; 227K lbs proppant;
  • 3/7/11: two stages; 256K lbs proppant;
  • 5/8/11: two stages; 284K lbs proppant;
  • 5/9/11: one stage; 143K lbs proppant;
  • 5/10/11: three stages; 307K lbs proppant;
  • 5/11/111: two stages; 562K lbs proppant;

Mark Perry

Mark Perry: today would have been William F. Buckley's 95th birthday.  Ten quotes, including:

  • liberals don't care what you do so long as it's compulsory

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