Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Days Of Supply -- US Crude Oil -- Unprecedented -- Never Thought I Would See This -- Over 40 Days Of Supply -- April 29, 2020

Gasoline demand: pending. Link here.

Days of US supply, crude oil: link here: pending. This, I believe, only applies to onshore storage -- does not includes the 20 million bbls of Saudi crude oil off the west coast. 


Gas buddy:
  • Wisconsin: 91 cents
  • Oklahoma City: 99 cents
  • Louisiana 97 cents 
Crawfish fest continues: second week on Sophia's patio. Fourth crawfish dinner in ten days.

Anticipation: Texas governor will not extend "shelter-in-place" once it expires at midnight tonight. First place I will visit tomorrow -- local Lego mini-bricks and figures. No interest in visiting restaurants. I have learned to have coffee at home for breakfast -- along with chorizo and eggs; jalapeno spam for lunch; and crawfish for dinner. LOL. Barbershops will remain closed, I believe. Sophia will give me my weekly haircut (trim) tomorrow.

Fishing: Sophia and I had our first fishing excursion last night. An unforeseen error on my part disrupted our plans. Sophia did not mind. She just enjoyed watching the fast current after the heavy rains overnight. We will try again tonight, although it will be a bit cooler. The creek should be just as high as yesterday after another strong rainstorm last night.

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