Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 42: October 15, 2017 -- October 21, 2017

There was more and more talk this past week that the Saudi Aramco IPO was in deep trouble, some calling it a "real mess." Saudi Arabia is in a fight for its life and the princes are fighting each other. This was just one of several posts on the subject.

Meanwhile, in the US, the oil and gas sector keeps chugging along. US crude oil storage capacity is soaring. I remember when folks used to talk about storage capacity at Cushing becoming a problem; not so much any more.

WTI briefly touched $52/bbl -- probably due to Iraqi-Kurdish conflict -- and then dropped back to $51.

Also, in the US, Haynesville, once thought to be dying, is surging. A new USGS survey reveals that Haynesville has almost half what Qatar has (natural gas)

Best posts all week: the Brits don't understand the US shale revolution; and, the Brits don't understand the US shale revolution.

The impressive Bakken
CLR's Hendrickson well in Elm Tree
EOG to report four huge wells in Clarks Creek
Random update of an MRO re-frack, an Oscar Stohler well
Bakken re-fracks
EOG well producing 3,000 bbls/month jumps to 13,000 bbls/month
The number of Bakken wells producing 30,000 bbls/month continues to increase 

Number of active rigs dropping in North Dakota; and here
Rachel Wolf wells have been updated
Production data for August, 2017 

DAPL donations to North Dakota emergency responders  
Judge allows DAPL oil to continue to flow

Bakken economy
Legacy Fund update
CLR makes first sale of Bakken crude oil specifically for overseas destination 
Fake news: Williston, ND, was not among the cities named as the "50 Most Livable Cities in the US"

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