Sunday, April 3, 2016

We've Gone From Renewable To Intermittent -- If Truth Be Told, The Best Adjective For Wind, Solar: Unreliable -- As California Is Finding Out -- April 3, 2016

Forbes is reporting:
Besides having the most expensive electricity west of the Mississippi River in the continental U.S., California already has the least reliable electricity. California easily leads the nation with nearly 470 power outages a year, compared to 160 for second place Texas, which is really amazing because Texas produces 125% MORE electricity! .
California’s reliability problems will be multiplied as more wind and solar enter the power mix, intermittent resources located in remote areas that cannot be so easily transported to cities via the grid.
In future, California confronts a number of baseload power issues that could surge imports even more. Strangely, hydroelectric facilities greater than 30 megawatts don’t qualify as renewable under the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard requirement. Both large and small hydro generation in California have plummeted over 60% in recent years.
The fact that wind/solar energy is "intermittent" was first pointed out on this site back on January 6, 2011.

It will be interesting to see when mainstream media starts referring to wind/solar energy is unreliable energy.

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