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Week 22: May 31, 2015 -- June 6, 2015


Later, 6:27 p.m. CT: okay, the biggest story of the week was American Pharoah (sic) winning the "Triple Crown" in thoroughbred racing.
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Without question, the big story this week was the EPA story: fracking poses no risk for drinking water. Period. Dot.

For me, the next big story had to do with Saudi oil production despite a $35 billion exploration and production program that began in 2012. Not much to show for it.

The other big story, of course, was that NOAA fudged the data to get the number they wanted/needed to keep the scam going. 

And, I am still intrigued with the national natural gas fill rate

So, here we go.

Big stories of the week
Fracking has no widespread impact on drinking water. Nada. Zilch. None.
Saudi production not all that remarkable, considering
Nation's natural gas fill rate not reassuring
NOAA fudges the data

Potential flooding in Williston area shuts in some wells
Graphing the Bakken phenomenon
Oasis not letting up
Globally, North Dakota ranks #20 in oil production; near bottom of list for terrorism
Manufacturing stage of the boom
Random update of the three oldest producing oil wells in North Dakota
Random observation: BR requesting 22 wells in a 2560-acre drilling unit

Fidelity (MDU oil and gas division) back up for sale

Minnesota PUC approves certificate of need for Enbridge Sandpiper

Bakken economy
North Dakota holds nation's housing record since 2010
Williston Wire: Williston's job market continues to grow; $250 million airport relocation on track
North Dakota to spend $40 million on US 2 & 85 between Williston, Minot
Golden China restaurant opens in Williston
Starbucks to open in Williston (sort of)

Gasoline demand failed to hit record over Memorial Day weekend despite AAA predictions
North Dakota has nation's first unmanned airport
Ethanol produces 20% more CO2 emissions than "standard" gasoline; 10% more than tar sands
Edmonton now paying their customers to take their propane
Quiet title action
Both North Dakota senators will be keynote speakers at annual international energy conference
Successful paddlefish season in Williston this year
Excellent Telegraph article on energy and the Mideast
President Obama sets yet another economic record

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