Sunday, September 22, 2013

Best Quote Of The Day

CNBC is reporting: Government Motors ...
... plans to more than double the range of the typical electric vehicle—while also sharply driving down the cost, according to a senior official.
But with mounting concerns about the slow consumer response to the first wave of battery electric vehicles, Doug Parks, GM's global product development chief, cautioned The Associated Press that it was not yet sure if or when such a vehicle—projected to cost just $30,000—would ever go into production
As I told Don yesterday:
I also plan on building an electric automobile manufacturing plant outside my apartment complex. My goal is to design and manufacture an electric SUV that will go 500 miles on a single charge and will cost less than a Ford Focus. I have the same concerns as GM, however: "I am not sure if or when such a vehicle would ever go into production." I'm not even sure I will get around to building the plant. But I dream about it.
This is a news story?

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