Tuesday, July 23, 2013

North Dakota Coal Plants Given Top Grade By Environmentalists

The Dickinson Press is reporting:
A report issued Tuesday highlighting the harmful effects coal-powered plants have on natural water resources found that North Dakota’s six coal plants do not pose a serious risk to the state’s rivers and lakes.
A nationwide coalition of environmental and clean water groups issued “Closing the floodgates: How the coal industry is poisoning our water and how we can stop it,” which details the water permits for the 386 coal plants across the country.
The report highlights the plants in Mercer, Oliver and Morton counties, saying none of them has impaired any natural water resource with toxic byproducts such as arsenic, mercury and lead.
The article leads me to believe there was absolutely nothing the coalition could find with regard to the North Dakota coal plants that bothered them even a little bit. Otherwise we would have heard from them. It appears activist environmentalists have only two categories for coal plants:
  • the coal plant DOES pose a serious risk to a state's rivers and lakes
  • the coal plant DOES NOT pose a serious risk to a state's rivers and lakes

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