Thursday, May 2, 2013

So Much For That Great Investing Idea

One would have thought that with all the railcars being built for crude-by-rail, FreighCar America would have had a good year. It just goes to show that investing is, to say the least, fickle.

FreightCar America (RAIL), after market close: not a good year.
  • 1Q13: loss of $0.22
  • 1Q12: gain of $0.81
  • 4Q12: loss of $0.08
“As I have previously stated, continued uncertainty in the freight railcar market will make 2013 a challenging year,” said Ed Whalen, Chief Executive Officer. “We remain focused on factors within our control, including: executing our railcar diversification strategy; the successful start-up of our Shoals, Alabama facility; improving the results of our Services business; and continuing to prudently manage our costs. I am confident that FreightCar America’s market position, strong balance sheet and the execution of our strategic initiatives will enable the Company to capitalize on its long-term opportunities and the eventual freight railcar market recovery.”
Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment decisions based on what you read here or thought you read here. Despite the implication of the subject line for this blog, no, I did not invest in RAIL. Thank you very much. Never did, never will, simply because it does not fit my portfolio; it has nothing to with the company itself.

See also Forbes, April 24, 2013: missed earnings derail RAIL.

See also Zacks, April 22, 2013: bear for the day, RAIL.

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