Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heel-to-Toe & Toe-to-Heel

I talked about heel-to-toe/toe-to-heel horizontals a long time ago.

Hess has two active wells running south-to-north in Hawkeye oil field, and today has permits to run wells right next to them but in the opposite direction, north-to-south. It will be interesting to see how close they put these new horizontals to the old horizontals. Based on surface locations, the separation appears to be about 600 to 800 feet (don't quote me on that; just a quick calculation).

The earlier, south-to-north horizontals:
  • 16694, 348, Hess, HA-Mogen-152-95-0805H-1, middle Bakken 12/07; cum 310K 12/16; 300K sand
  • 20738, 1,496, Hess, HA-Mogen-152-95-0805H-1, Three Forks, t12/11; cum 579K 12/16; 38 stages; 3.8 mill lbs; s/c
The permits issued today, running north-to-south:
  • 25144, 892, Hess, HA-Mogen-152-95-0508H-4, Hawkeye, t12/13; cum 166K 12/16;
  • 25145, 1,053, Hess, HA-Mogen-152-95-0508H-5, Hawkeye, t12/13; cum 263K 12/16;
  • 25146, 764, Hess, HA-Mogen-152-95-0508H-6, Hawkeye, t1/14; cum 152K 12/16;


  1. Musing.

    My poll question: Which will kill more people, fracking or nuclear war involving North Korea?

    anon 1

    1. I get enough "spam" and "hate mail" as it is.

      But, along that line, perhaps this would make a better poll: should North Dakota ban the Big Gulp (drinks 20 oz or more in size)?