Sunday, October 7, 2012

Confidential Wells Coming Off Confidential List; Petro-Hunt With a Straw Into the Tyler; BEXP With A Nice Well; Whiting With a Very Nice Pronghorn Well; OXY USA With A Good Well;

RBN Energy with a nice story on crude-by-rail, part II
RBN Energy with a look at the Jones Act: maritime act raising the cost of coastal shipping

Bakken Operations

Active rigs in North Dakota: 190, steady.

The following wells came off the confidential list over the long weekend and on Tuesday; Saturday, Sunday, and Monday reported below; Tuesday tomorrow.

21308, drl, KOG, Koala 14-32-29-3H, Banks,
22060, 621, Whiting, Zalesky 31-18PH, North Creek, t/4/12; cum 24K 8/12;
22104, 541, CLR, Morison 1-14H, Bully, t7/12; cum 12K 8/12;
22540, 291, CLR, Jarlsberg 1-25H, Wildrose, t7/12; cum 7K 8/12;
22597, drl, Gadeco, Alexander 25-36H, Epping,
22623, drl, BEXP, Heen 26-35 3TFH, Todd,
20580, 540, OXY USA, Terry Dvorak 1-15-22H-142-95, Murphy Creek, t4/12; cum 12K 8/12;
22081, drl, BEXP, Heen 26-35 2H, Todd,
22166, drl, Samson Resources, Outback 25-36-162-97H, Bluffton,
22167, 1,545, Whiting, Frank 44-7PH, Bell, t4/12; cum 85K 8/12;
22512, drl, BEXP, Lonnie 15-22 2TFH, Ragged Butte,
22545, drl, G3 Operating, J Haugen 1-9-4H, Climax,
21148, 809, CLR, Pasadena 1-11H, Banks, t7/12; cum 38K 8/12;
22291, 2,650, BEXP, Arvid Anderson 14-11 3H, Alger, t9/12; cum --
21981, drl, CLR, Alpha 1-14H, Camp,
22410, drl, Slawson, Ann Nelson [Federal] 3-31-30H, Ross,
22564, 80, Petro-Hunt, Wollan 152-96-27B-1-3, Clear Creek, a Minnelusa well;  t5/12; cum 7K 8/12;
22569, 272, Whiting, Stecker 23-3, Hoot Owl, a Red River well; t7/12; cum 11K 8/12;
20424, 1,156, XTO, FBIR Grinnell 41X-1C, Heart Butte, t7/12; cum 6K 8/12;
21995, drl, Abraxas, Ravin 26-35-3H, North Fork,

COMMENT: Petro-Hunt's Minnelusa Wollan well (from the file report): a vertical well intended to test sand in the lower portion of the Tyler formation that appears to be oil on water. It was spudded April 9, 2012, and reached total depth of 7,857 feet on April 18, 2012." Nine days. Tyler formation.

It looks like the Tyler was about 80 feet thick at this location: top Tyler target - 7,597 feet; base Tyler target - 7,607 feet; base Tyler Sand target - 7,681 feet.

This well was not stimulated (not fracked).

[For archival purposes: Big Snowy/Otter - 7,697 feet, the top of the Lodgepole.]

The Frank 44-7PH well to date:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

The Pasadena 1-11H well to date:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Petro-Hunt's Minnelusa Wollan well:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Fifteen (15) new permits:
  • Operators: Petro-Hunt (9), KOG (3), Fidelity (2), Whiting
  • Fields: Charlson (McKenzie), Sanish (Mountrail), Clear Creek (McKenzie), Moccasin Creek (Dunn)
Comments: I'm watching to see if any new permitting by OXY and/or Newfield; none today

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