Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Update of a Well In Dublin Oil Field

A reader asked for update regarding a particular well (see below).

Information of a more general nature, including IPs of wells that came off the confidential list over the weekend and today, is in the post below. Scroll down.

Now, regarding:

  • 21860, 100, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC Paopao 35-26-158N-100W, Dublin, t3/12; cum 28K 7/12; 

Production data:
Completion Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Perfs: 10543-20517     Comp: 3/8/2012     Status: F     Date: 3/14/2012    Spacing: 2SEC
Cumulative Production Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Cum Oil: 27659     Cum MCF Gas: 13806     Cum Water: 22625
Production Test Data
   IP Test Date: 3/14/2012     Pool: BAKKEN     IP Oil: 100     IP MCF: 74     IP Water:1561
Monthly Production Data
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare


  1. Thank you so much for filling in my mistake I missed last night... yes it was supposed to be 100 not 110...

    I had a few more novice questions after looking at the report.
    1. What dies well status "F" mean?
    2. Well spacing is two sections. How many acres is this oil well servicing?

    I really appreciate your help,

  2. 1. "F" means it is "flowing" without a pump. When/if a pump is put on, the "F" will change to "AL" for artificial lift. Almost all Bakken wells are eventually put on a pump, though some are not. Most (?) of these have a pump put on within the first six months but it varies significantly. A pump does not change the EUR of a well.

    2. A section is 640 acres; two section is 1280 acres. The actual number of acres in any specific spacing unit can vary a bit (it's been discussed over at the Bakken Shale Discussion Group) but is unimportant unless one is a mineral owner. In this case, the sundry sheet at the well file says this spacing unit is 1280 acres.

  3. Bruce,

    Thanks for helping a newbie out with such basic questions. :)


    1. 1. I'm sure you are not the only one with basic questions.

      2. I learn a lot from readers' questions and comments, also.