Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fracking May Be Good For The Environment -- Document Next Monday, 5:00 PM Eastern; And Federal Judge Rules Against NY ATTNY GEN Trying To Shut Down Fracking

From a reader:
Folks may be interested in "Money" with Melissa Francis on Fox Business News caught my attention. At 5:00 pm Eastern they will be discussing how fracking is good for the environment. Sounds intriguing.
Put this on your calendar. It does sound intriguing.


And then this little item:
A federal judge in Brooklyn dismissed a lawsuit filed by New York Atty. Gen. Eric T. Schneiderman seeking a court-ordered comprehensive environmental analysis before the Delaware River Basin Commission ssues anticipated regulations that would cover hydraulic fracturing in the watershed. 
US District Judge Nicholas Garaufis, Eastern District of New York, ruled Sept. 24 in favor of the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Environmental Protection Agency, both of which wanted the case dismissed. Garaufis cited procedural reasons for dismissing the lawsuit, filed last year.
Good, bad, or indifferent, it is what it is.


  1. Just watched "Money" with Melissa Francis on Fox Business. Bjorn Lomborg, author of "Cool It", was her guest. The focus of the segment was that the use of fracking has produced more and cheaper gas thereby replacing coal to produce electricity. The result is that carbon emissions have been reduced to a 20 year low. The bottom line is that fracking has reduced carbon emissions, made the US more energy independent and lowered energy prices.

    I am the one who sent you the info on this program and do not come near to your level of understanding of this industry. This was my "take" on the information presented.

    1. That's very interesting. In fact, that plus the global recession resulting in less energy being used, has reduced CO2 emissions. I believe there is a very good article out there somewhere that says the same thing about natural gas. Pretty neat.

      Thank you for the follow-up.

  2. For a "Fracking Good Belly Laugh" see

    Hollyweird commits fraud against the oil industry's fraccing courtesy of UrbaneCowboy -Msg 101801 9/26/12 On the Investor Village’s BRY BB.

    1. Wow, that may be one of the best links of the day. Thank you.

  3. Bruce, as always, you’re more than welcome. I’m sure you’ll also find the following BRY BB message about Matt Damon’s new "hatchet job" anti fracking movie just as interesting and informative.

    Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Movie Financed by Oil-Rich Arab Nation

    A new film starring Matt Damon presents American oil and natural gas producers as money-grubbing villains purportedly poisoning rural American towns. It is therefore of particular note that it is financed in part by the royal family of the oil-rich United Arab Emirates.

    1. ... and a lot of readers will enjoy it immensely. Thank you.