Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Grocery Stores; Update on Growth Plans for Watford City

From the McKenzie County Farmer, the growth plans for Watford City, at this link, sent to me by Kent.

I can almost guarantee this link will be lost sooner than later, so you may want to visit it now, take notes.

Also, in the same publication: Coburn's, Inc. with six grocery stores in North Dakota, including three in the Bakken region, will be opening five new grocery stores in western North Dakota, including one in Watford City. Doburn's development partner for these new stores will be Oppidan Investment Company out of Minneapolis. This is the second story in this blog mentioning Oppidan in the past week or so.  Coburn's has a long history in North Dakota, stretching back to at least 1988. According to the article:
In April 2012, Coborn’s, Inc. partnered with Williston-based JK Foods to co-own an Economart in Williston, N.D., and Food Pride stores in Stanley and Tioga where they serve the significant population growth that is occurring as part of the North Dakota oil boom.
The new stores (Coburn's and Cash Wise) will double the company's presence in the Bakken region. 


  1. This story about sand and rail.

    They also noted in the article that EOG used to be Enron. I never knew that until today.

    1. How coincidental. I just posted the railroad/sand link, buried in an earlier post.

      And, yes, EOG -> Enron Oil and Gas.

  2. Thanks for the input. After all the years of reading about the Bakken I had never even thought about what EOG stood for.

    Eye's wide shut.

    1. I love connecting dots, and acronyms/abbreviations often connect very interesting dots.

      A long, long time ago I posted a link connecting Enron Oil and Gas, its CEO (died of a heart attack), Al Gore, cap and trade, but was worried about where it might lead, so I deleted it. It was one of the very few posts that I have ever deleted.

  3. EOG Resources was spun out of Enron in 1999, well before Enron's crash.

    EOG's business was too boring for Enron.