Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Three Western North Dakota Newspapers Call It A Day -- Bismarck Tribune -- November 27, 2019


December 4, 2019: two of the three have been purchased; "business as usual."

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Three official county newspapers serving thousands of readers in western North Dakota will publish their last editions on Friday.
The Adams County Record, in Hettinger; the Dunn County Herald, in Killdeer; and The Herald, in New England, are closing.
Salem, Ore.-based owner Country Media Inc. informed the association this week of the pending closures.
Very, very sad.

From a reader:
I grew up with the Slope Messenger, later consolidated with the Hettinger County Herald, I remember Earl Rundel being the publisher. He was a local rancher and legislator. He was a pretty colorful figure. I think the saying "they don't make 'em like that anymore applies." 
I guess it's a sign of getting old but I miss those days. Those old timers were also the ones that came over to see me when I came home from Viet Nam and recruited me into the Republican Party where I served on the [local] district executive commission until I moved to Fargo in the early 90's. I also remember Senator Mark Andrews, at a meeting in Medora, giving me a flag that had flown over the US capitol because "you served your country in war."  No press releases or fanfare, that's just how they did it.  
Yes, the older I get, it seems, the better my memories of the old days. Great note. Thank you. The more I read about the Vietnma War, the more it appears the country really let our enlisted US Army troops down, and the USAF POWs. Reminds me a lot of the British and French generals during WWI -- again, based on my readings. No personal experience.

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  1. Print media just cant compete with the internet. The Pony Express only lasted about 18 months before the telegraph doomed it. Technology waits for no one.

  2. Thank you for your Service Bruce !