Friday, February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019 -- Will It Be A Trifecta? Yes It Is

Earnings: COP and XOM -- blowout earnings. Will CVX follow suit? I don't know but CVX is surging. Up over 3%. Pays 4%. Okay, here we go
  • 4Q18 income: $3.73 billion
  • per share: $1.95 or $2.06 depending on what you are measuring
  • apples-to-apples: EPS beat expectations; analysts looking for $1.87/share
  • revenue: $42.35 billion vs $41.63 billion forecast
  • let's see: 3.73 / 42.35 = 8.8% vs AAPL's 32% to 68% depending on what is being measured over at AAPL; and, so it goes
Super Bowl. The Big Lebowski quotes:
4. Donny was a good bowler, and a good man.
3. The Dude abides. I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that, knowin' he's out there. The Dude. Takin' 'er easy for all us sinners.
2. Quintana .. that creep can roll, man. Yeah, but he's a pervert, Dude.

I used to laugh at "adulting." Actually, even worse, I ignored it; I thought it ... well, ... childish.

Look at adulting over at wiki; spend some time on it.

The reason I bring it up: it's another noun that has been turned into a verb. Americans love to do that -- turn nouns into verbs. Better than the noun-turned-verb "adulting," of course, is parenting, a much better noun-to-verb example.

I had not thought about that until last night about midnight when I was reading A New Literary History of Modern China, edited by David Der-Wei Wang -- dare we wang he is at least part Chinese?

Couldn't resist.

From page 13:
The key concept for this immense display of topics, figures, objects, and events has been the idea of "worlding literary China."

"Worlding" is a term originally coined by Martin Heidegger (1889-1976). [Heidegger has a very checkered past, as they say; see wiki.]

By turning the noun "world" into an active very, Heidegger calls attention to the way in which the world is constructed and exists externally in a constantly shifting state of becoming.

Worlding is a complex and dynamic process of ever-renewing realities, sensations, and perceptions through which one incessantly works to access "the Open of the world." [I assume "Open" is a lot like "Woke."]

Insofar as worlding is always already a flux of unfolding experience, it suggests a world as familiar as it is forever fresh.

Heidegger stresses that worlding is not a task in which we engage volitionally, but emerges automatically in response to specific phenomena, or "things": "If we let the "thing" be present in its "thinging from out of the worlding world," then we are thinking of the thing as thing."
Gertrude Stein could hardly have said it better.

The concept of "worlding" has been adopted by critics in recent years to describe projects ranging from urban planning to comparative literature and medicinal studies. The term is often used, however, merely to refer to global or transnational projects, a far cry from the Heideggerian definition.

In his study of contemporary China, Arif Dirlik describes the end of revolutionary politics and the rie of cultural nationalism since 1978. He places these developments within a global context, ultimately making a case methodologically for "worlding" China: bringing China into the world and the world into China. Lisa Rofel takes up the recently recanonized term tianxia (under heaven) and proposes strategies for cosmopolitan, socialist "worldings."
  • "worlding": coming into the world; becoming part of the family of nations around the world; "within and without" -- F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • "worlding": not "globalization"; but it can be; not "nationalism" but nationalism/worlding are not mutually exclusive
  • the evolution of the brain to understand "worlding": incredible; I don't care how much scientists tell me dolphins are smart and monkeys use tools which makes them more human-like, the fact is, it will be quite awhile before dolphins and monkeys talk about "worlding"
  • without wiki I would have thought Heidegger flawless; hardly; his fellow philosophers have given him a pass; a huge pass
  • "worlding" puts a whole new spin on "adulting"; millennials wearing t-shirts with that word probably have no clue, but then I was confused until I stumbled across worlding (or maybe I'm misreading the word "adulting" that one sees on those millennials' t-shirts; in other words, maybe they understand and I don't)
  • Bill Murray probably thinks about "worlding" a lot; he's that kind of guy; LeBron James? probably not so much. Tom Brady? Not even in the same league. LOL.

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