Saturday, January 5, 2019

Big Deal -- January 5, 2019 -- NDSU Takes Seventh FCS Championship -- First Team In History To Win Seven FCS National Championships -- Longest Win Streak Of Any NCAA I / II Division Team?

Coming to the end, NDSU is up 38 - 24. It was 31- 17 with less than six minutes to play, and then NDSU misses a "chip shot" on what would have been a game-ending field goal. Eastern Washington quickly takes it to 31-24. On-side kick with 2:19 left in the game. Bison ball. Each team down to one time out. And there is it, an epic TD in the last two minutes -- GAME OVER!  What a great play call. Entire Bison offensive backfield goes left; quarterback keeper and Easton Stick goes right, running 46 yards for the TD.

From the Washington Post (note: this is not fake news):
Before North Dakota State made Fargo to Frisco an annual trip, Eastern Washington won the first FCS championship game played in North Texas. That was eight years ago.
The Big Sky Conference champion Eagles (12-2) are finally back in the title game and aren’t surprised that on Saturday they will have to face North Dakota State (15-0), which is going for its record seventh FCS championship since then.
“In the offseason thinking about getting to this point, you kind of just automatically picture it being NDSU just because it’s so normal for them to be here,” Eastern Washington linebacker Ketner Kupp said.
Second-year Eastern Washington coach Aaron Best knows what his team is up against.
“This is not a business trip. This is not a vacation. This is a game against North Dakota State, the No. 1 team in the nation, and we’re not OK to be here,” said Best, the team’s offensive coordinator during that 2010 championship season. “We will give them their best shot. They will give us our best shot.”
Yeah, it's pretty much over.... NDSU just converted its fifth for five third-down conversions.  Less than six minutes to play. NDSU should score again.

So, why is #1 playing #3 for the FCS championship?
  • NDSU: #1
  • Eastern Washington: #3
  • Harvard Crimson: #2 but doesn't play in the FCS championship -- probably doesn't want to be embarrassed by a fly-over state football team! Or the band doesn't have a fiddle.
If You're Going To Play In Texas, Alabama

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