Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Weekly Petroleum Report -- EIA -- January 24, 2018

Data at this link:
  • crude oil drawdown: 1.1 million bbls; now at 411.6 million bbls; still at the middle of the range for this time of year
  • Cushing crude stocks fell 3.15 million bbls to 39.2 million bbls; this is a huge drop; nearing the 10-year median
  • refineries: operated at 90.9% operable capacity (way down)
  • motor gasoline supplied over last four weeks: 8.7 million bpd, up 5%
  • distillate fuel product supplied: 4.0 million bpd, up over 15% (can you say "cold snap in New England?)
  • still waiting for the natural gas graphic (supposedly this will be released tomorrow)
Natural gas prices:

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