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4Q17 Earnings

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Earnings for the current quarter will be reported at this page; the link will be on the sidebar at the right, under "Earnings Central." When we start to see earnings reports for any quarter, the "Earnings Central" link is moved to the top of the sidebar until the earnings season is over.

I don't have time to check/update earnings on all companies that might interest me or readers.

Much of this information is done in haste. I assume there are factual and typographical errors. It is for my personal use only. If this information is important to you, go to the source.

Note: by 4Q16 I lost a lot of interest in tracking earnings. I'm not sure where I will go with this page. In fact, there are more and more days when ... no, I won't go there. 


Daimler: nothing to do with earnings but came out during earnings season -- but announced today -- huge Chinese automobile company bought 10% of Daimler for $9 billion.

ERF: shatters forecast; huge report.

ONEOK: 4Q17 slides.

GE: will restate earnings for 2016 and 2017.

EOG: 4Q17 and full year results.

GE is not going to spin off Baker Hughes any time soon: can you think of a more bullish energy signal? I cannot. GE is up nicely today.

CLR beats Street as production surges: memo to self, call the naysayers. CLR expects stronger performance in 2018. But look at this: 4Q17 net income of $2.25/share vs 7 cents/share one year ago. Earnings 41 cents vs 32 cents forecast. Wow.

CenterPoint beats 4Q17 profit forecasts: 33 cents/share vs 30 cents/share forecast.  Denbury Resources tops Street 4Q forecasts: 12 cents vs 7 cents forecast. Doing some exciting stuff; I will come back to Denbury later.

Chesapeake Energy back to profit as production, prices rise. 33 cents/share vs 30 cents/share forecast. But look at this: revenue jumped 25 percent to $2.5 billion. Analysts had only expected revneues of $1.23 billion. Wow.

Zacks oil, energy wrap. This is really quite amazing. 4Q17 results.

Enerplus: quarterly profit beats expectations.  27 Canadian cents/share vs 17 Canadian cents/share. ERF shares up 7% today.

ENB: 4Q17 earnings slides here.

EW: holy mackeral, up 4% in after-hours trading after it announces earnings. EPS beats earnings by 4 cents, but more important: strong guidance for next quarter. Sales crushed consensus.

AMZN: huge; shares surge 6% after hours; after earnings announced.

AAPL: beats by 3 cents. Revenue beats; a little over $88 billion in revenue. Investors not impressed; shares down in after hours. It will be interesting to see what shares do when the dividend increase is announced. See my note here: From the weekend print edition of the WSJ, Saturday, January 20 - 21, 2018, doing the math, analysts suggest that AAPL will declare a special dividend of $2.35/share once the repatriation dust settles. In addition, the analyst suggests Apple will target $71 billion in share buybacks, and increase the dividend by $1.00/share over two years. The current dividend is $2.52. I can't post the electronic link because I'm reading this in the print edition. But I'm sure the story is easy to find for those interested.

CVX: boosts quarterly dividend for first time since late 2016 The company had expected to raise the dividend 3 cents to $1.11 but surprised everyone and raised the dividend to $1.12.

BAX: beats by 5 cents;

COP: meets forecasts. Income of $1.58 billion vs a loss the same quarter one year ago. EPS of 45 cents were right in line. Press release: ConocoPhillips reports fourth-quarter and full-year 2017 results; increases quarterly dividend by 7.5 percent and planned 2018 share repurchases to $2 billion; announces preliminary 2017 year-end reserves and bolt-on transaction in Alaska.

T: booked a $20 billion paper gain from federal tax overhaul; will gain about $3 billion in extra cash this year. At The Wall Street Journal. Shares up 3%.

GE: shares are plummeting; epic selloff. Went below $16. One shark said his target is $13.  One wonders how much Jack Welch contributed to this? Did he inflate his company with earnings reports that were not decipherable?

Netflix: huge earnings report. Results even better than already-high expectations. Shares surge over 8%. Wow.  It looks like Kevin Spacey cost Netflix as much as $39 million. Destroys expectations; stock soars.

  • forecast: earnings to soar to 46 cents vs 4 cents a year ago
  • in fact: earnings soared to 53 cents, excluding various items
SLB: results better than analyst views; EPS soared 63% to 44 cents with revenue up 14% to $8.12 billion; book a billion-dollar charge on a Venezuelan investment; and signed an MOU with Occidental Petroleum for a 5-year service project in New Mexico's Delaware basin for 700 wells

Schwab: earnings beat estimates; revenues in line

KMI: 4Q17 loss compared to profit same period one year ago; after adjustment, earnings were positive, at 21 cents, beating consensus of 18 cents; KMI shares rose very, very slightly on a huge day for the Dow

F: Ford 2018 profits forecast disappoints. Shares fall almost 7%.

Bank of America: takes $2.9 billion charge, but adjusted results came in above expectations

GE: to take $6.2 billion charge; more bad news could follow; tea leaves suggest company will be broken up

Citigroup: beats on Q4 earnings; records $22 billion tax charge

United Health: earnings more than doubled

CSX: easily beats; 64 cents vs forecast of 56 cents/share

WFC (Wells Fargo): EPS beat, $1.16 vs $1.07; missed on revenues; investors liked the numbers; shares up 0.5%;

JPM: very, very nice report.

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