Thursday, April 6, 2017

59 Tomahawk Missiles, Proportional Response, T+75 -- April 6, 2017

I will leave the discussion regarding US military response to others elsewhere. Enough said on this particular blog. But it will take all I have to refrain from commenting. For the archives.

I was not aware that Syria was a big crude oil producer but maybe I'm missing something.

Why I love to blog. From a post on December 19, 2016:
5. Observation. George Will made this observation. Obama is the most loquacious president in modern history. He asked a panel of four journalists if any of them could remember one -- just one -- memorable line made by Obama. No one could think of any. I thought of -- "If you like your doctor, you can keep our doctor." Or, "I set a red line at Syria using chemical weapons."
Making the rounds on social media now:

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