Monday, October 3, 2016

MRO Sells More Assets In West Texas, New Mexico -- October 3, 2016

From BizJournals. Data points:
  • West Texas and New Mexico
  • $235 million
  • undisclosed buyer
  • number of acres not disclosed in this article (or several other articles reporting same story)
  • properties producing about 4,000 boepd
The Apple Microsoft Page

Microsoft will drop the "wearable band." It will join the Zune.

I honestly did not know that Microsoft even had a "wearable band."


The list will grow.

California, Illinois, Chicago saying sayonara to Wells Fargo. 

Gut check for Warren whose avuncular personality effuses integrity.

Don't Even Get Me Started
Evergreen In The Red
Will Try to Go Green By Becoming a For-Profit Co-op

From The Washington Post -- Maryland's ObamaCare health co-op will switch to for-profit to save itself -- something Donald Trump would have recommended, no doubt. Data points:
  • originally 23 of these ObamaCare health co-ops
  • then down to 6
  • now, the Maryland co-op will become a "for-profit"
  • Evergreen Health -- Maryland's version of these ObamaCare co-ops
  • as The Washington Post says: "Evergreen's unprecedented move will leave standing only five of the 23 co-ops which started nearly three years ago."
  • the other 17 have either collapsed or been ordered to close by state regulators
  • a co-op in Minnesota, last week, announced it was getting an infusion from investors and will remain open as a nonprofit

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