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Elk Oil Field



2015 (the list is complete)
31594, loc, Triangle, Simpson 151-102-4-9-14TFH,
31593, drl, Triangle, Simpson 151-102-5-8-13H,
30927, 756, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-2HX, t7/15; cum 64K 11/15;
30875, drl, XTO, Roen 24X-23AXD,
30758, SI/NC, XTO, Roen 24X-23A,
30757, SI/NC, XTO, Roen 24X-23E,
30756, SI/NC, XTO, Roen 24X-23BXC,

2014 (the list is complete)
30230, drl, Triangle, Simpson 151-102-5-8-4H,
30229, loc, Triangle, Simpson 151-102-5-8-9TFH, 
30220, conf, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-1H, producing, a huge well; 11/15;
30219, 622, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-10TFH, t7/15; cum 41K 11/15;
30218, dry, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-2PA,
29989, conf, CLR, Lancaster 6-28H1,
29988, conf, CLR, Lancaster 7-28H,
29985, conf, CLR, Lancaster 4-28H1,
29984, conf, CLR, Lancaster 5-28H,
29956, loc, Triangle, Novak 152-102-35-26-6H,
28820, 755, Triangle, Simpson 151-102-5-8-10TFH, t5/15; cum 35K 11/15; only 9 days in 11/15; 
28819, drl, Triangle, Simpson 151-102-5-8-3H,  
28818, 605, Triangle,  Simpson 151-102-5-8-2H, t2/15; cum 59K 6/15; choked back;
28817, 818, Triangle,  Simpson 151-102-5-8-1H, t3/15; cum 43K 6/15; choked way back;
28751, 337, CLR, Miramar 3-32H1, t3/15; cum 16K 6/15; chocked way back;
28750, 441, CLR, Miramar 2-32H, t2/15; cum 32K 6/15; choked back;
28513, 725, Triangle, Britt 151-102-4-9-4H, t11/14; cum 86K 6/15;
28512, 994, Triangle, Britt 151-102-4-9-3H, t11/14; cum 80K 6/15;
28511, 600, Triangle, Britt 151-102-4-9-2H, t11/14; cum 89K 6/15;
28510, 412, Triangle, Britt 151-102-4-9-1H, t11/14; cum 91K 6/15;
28472, 435, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-7H, t11/14; cum 92K 6/15;
28471, 533, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-8H, t11/14; cum 81K 6/15;
28420, 868, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-4H, t10/14; cum 107K 6/15;
28419, 671, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-3H, t10/14; cum 97K 6/15;
28175, 613, Triangle, Wahlstrom 152-102-34-27-1H, t9/14; cum 108K 6/15;
28174, 640, Triangle, Wahlstrom 152-102-34-27-2H, t9/14; cum 76K 6/15;
28173, 836, Triangle, Wahlstrom 152-102-34-27-3H, t10/14; cum 85K 6/15;
28172, 955, Triangle, Wahlstrom 152-102-34-27-4H, t10/14; cum 50K 6/15;
27944, 678, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-3H, t8/14; cum 99K 6/15;
27943, 341, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-9TFH, t8/14; cum 66K 6/15;
27942, 661, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-4H, t8/14; cum 95K 6/15;
27687, 2,855, Whiting, Roen 34-10-2H, t5/14; cum 105K 6/15; 
27379, 657, Triangle,  Monson 152-102-35-26-2H, t7/14; cum 81K 6/15;
27378, 852, Triangle, Monson 152-102-35-26-3H, t6/14; cum 107K 6/15;
27377, 487, Triangle, Monson 152-102-35-26-4H, t6/14; cum 98K 6/15; 

26723, 447, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-5H, t4/14; cum 93K 6/15;
26722, 640, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-6H, t4/14; cum 89K 6/15;
25269, 497, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-2H, t10/13; cum 83K 6/14;
25036, 428, Triangle, State 152-102-36-25-1H, t10/13; cum 89K 6/14;
24913, 2,424, Whiting/Petro-Hunt, Roen 24-10-3H, t5/14; cum 33K 6/14;
24912, 2,607, Whiting/Petro-Hunt, Roen 24-10-2H, t5/14; cum 33K 6/14;
24911, 2,585, Whiting/Petro-Hunt, Roen Federal 24-10H, t5/14; cum 38K 6/14;

24474, PNC, Murex, Dawn Hebert 22-15H,
23975, 535, Triangle, Monson 152-102-35026-1H, t7/14; cum 2K 6/14;
22930, 225, CLR, Lancaster 1-33H, t10/12; cum 117K 6/14;
22392, 1,382, Oasis/Zenergy, Wahlstrom 310H, t8/12; cum 101K 6/14;
22330, 3,050, Statoil/BEXP, Taylor 14-23 1H, t12/12; cum 133K 6/14;
22218, 804, Whiting/Petro-Hunt, Roen 34-10H, t7/12; cum 125K 6/14;

  • 20485, 762, SM Energy, Barnes 2-2H, Elk, s5/11; t7/11; cum 229K 11/15; off-line much of last three months;
  • 20588, 1,492, BEXP, Mrachek Trust 22-15 1H, Elk, s7/11; t9/11; cum 135K 11/15;
  • 20661, 302, SM Energy, Hoehn 2-13H, Elk, s9/11; cum 74K 11/15;
  • 20867, 534, SM Energy, Stepanek -18H, Elk, s8/11; cum 155K 11/15;
  • 20948, 745, XTO/Denbury, Stepanek 31-17SWH, Elk, 12K in 1/12; t1/12; cum 161K 11/15;
  • 21190, 2,581, Statoil/BEXP, Lyle 21-16 1H, Elk, t4/12; cum 187K 11/15;
  • 21470, 949, Zenergy, Monson 2-11H, Elk, t10/12; cum 132K 11/15;
  • 21506, 934, Denbury, Roen 24-23NH, Elk, t2/12; cum 129K 11/15;
  • 21566, PNC, CLR, Miramar 1-32H, Elk,
  • 21601, 783, CLR, Miramar 1-32AH, Elk, 14K in January, 2012, t1/12; cum 164K 11/15;
This permit caught my eye when I saw it on the daily activity report, Friday (September 17, 2010).
  • 19572, 342, Slawson, Bonanza 1-21-16H, Elk, s10/10; t5/11; cum 145K 11/15; off-line 2-3/2015;
This Slawson permit is one section east of two great BEXP wells:
In addition to these wells, Tracker has these permits:
  • 19219, 811, Hess, Brostuen 6-1H, Elk, Bakken, s10/10; t12/10; F; cum 146K 6/15;
  • 19885, 524, Hess, Tattu 19-1H, Elk, Bakken, s12/10; t4/11; cum 186K 6/15;
Other wells:
  • 16321, 80, Statoil/Brigham Oil and Gas, LP,  Mrachek 15-22, Elk, Bakken; t12/06; cum 126K 6/15;
  • 16542, 560, a Red River well, Whiting, Lindvig 11-13, Elk, Red River, t6/07; cum 387K 6/15;

Tjelde 29-32 1-H is technically in Glass Bluff oil field but it's right on the corner/border and for all practical purposes is in the Elk oil field. Regardless which field it is in, it is right in the middle of a "hot" BEXP area.  Slawson saw that and went for a permit right next to the Tjelde, and got it Friday.  BEXP gets a bit of press regarding its high IPs; it will be interesting to see what Slawson does.

This field has been fairly quiet during this most recent boom (there was only one permit granted in 2009 in the Elk oil field), but it has been very active in earlier booms. That IP of 560 for the Lindvig 11-13 is very interesting: it was a conventional well targeting the Red River. The Mrachek well must have been a very early long lateral. It's a bit truncated and the GIS map server suggests there were challenges with that well. It should be noted that the Mrachek was drilled by Brigham Oil and Gas, LP, not BEXP, obviously a forerunner of the latter or otherwise related. My myth is that the Bud Brigham was "experimenting" early with long horizontal wells. If memory serves me well, and I'm going way back before I really started following the Bakken, I believe it was Marathon that gets much of the credit for going horizontal in an earlier mini-boom in western North Dakota, before the Bakken.

For investors, the best way to invest in Slawon, not publicly traded, is through NOG which partners with Slawson. Recently, at the 2010 Enercom conference, NOG said is will be maximizing opportunities to partner with EOG and Slawson.


The Elk Oil Field has been active for about as long as the oil industry has been around in western North Dakota. It includes most of two townships, 151-102 and 152-102. The field is on the south side of the river, directly south of Williston (North Dakota). Going south on US 2, the field is on your right; from the highway you can see wells in the Elk oil field, but US 2 does not go through the field. I remember that area very, very well, passing it every time we drove to the North Unit Theodore Roosevelt National Park, or farther south to the South Unit or to catch Interstate 94. (Of course, I didn't know it was a named oil field at the time. I just remember my dad pointing out wells "in the grasslands." There's something magical about the phrase, "in the grasslands.")

Until recently (September, 2010) the Elk had been a relatively quiet field, but with two big BEXP wells (Papineau Trust and the Tjelde) it is now garnering new interest. Tracker has a confidential well in the field and Slawson was just granted a permit in that field (September, 2010).

To the best of my knowledge, there are no towns or villages "in the grasslands"; nothing but wonderful farmland, mostly grain.

On Google maps, satellite views, one can see lots of oil pads in this area.

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