Thursday, January 13, 2022

SCOTUS Slip Opinion; SCOTUS With Split Decision On Government Mandates -- January 13, 2022

Slip Opinion: released by SCOTUS moments ago

This one has nothing to do with Covid-19 mandates. This has to do with double-dipping: whether the Social Security Administration can penalize a military member with a pension who also has a pension from a civil service job. Social Security Administration imposed "windfall" limitations. SCOTUS ruled SSA could not impose these "windfall" limitations in these cases, overturning the District Court and the Sixth Circuit Court. Wow, this is huge: a lot of military folks went on to become US postal employees. A very, very nice (somewhat delayed) Christmas present.

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The Covid-related rulings we were waiting for:

It will be interesting to see how the various news outlets "report" this story. 

Bottom line:

  • Biden's mandate struck down, except for health workers. My take. Fact check needed. 

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Link here for story at CNBC.

Comment: The court got it right on both legal and health safety grounds. This does not preclude companies from imposing their own mandates and the fact that the Court approved mandates for health care facilities it provides "cover" for other companies that want to impose mandates.

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  1. You are celebrating with ice tea??? Darn, that looks good!

    1. A little Scottish "ice tea," I guess. Nothing goes better with sushi than sake (cold) or Scotch. But very, very little.

  2. Private companies in USA have always been able to do as they please, within reason.
    American employees the same. If private America chooses to mask, vax, make workers stand on their head in the corner, they have right to do that.
    The American worker then decides if they really want to stand on their heads. Its how our country works.

    1. Agree. And, then, of course, the lawyers step in. LOL.