Monday, May 13, 2019

Small Re-Frack Results In Huge New Well -- MRO -- May 13, 2019

See this post. Yup: MRO and Bailey oil field.


  1. I sure do appreciate it when you indicate the section, range and township on all the various posts. You do a fabulous job and everyone reading your blog is indebted to you. But try sending us a bill....? Good Luck on that!! I'd be more than willing to ante if I can get a matching donation....

    1. No, that's very, very generous of you, but I blog for the fun of it. If I started getting paid for it, I would feel obligated to do better; it might seem more like work. My "payment" is feedback from readers. More on this in a blog post later, perhaps.

      But, wow, I really appreciate the kind words / the thought.

      Adding section location takes more time, subject to typographical errors, but I find myself doing it more often -- it makes it easier for me when I come back to an old post and can see immediately the location, without another step to look it up.