Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Top Stories -- 2018

Top stories of 2018, final draft.

Top stories by month, 2018.

A Shout-Out To The New Mexico Department of Transportation

When (if?) we get home, I will send a letter to the NM DOT thanking them for keeping a particular road / pass northeast of Albuquerque open. By all rights, it should have been closed. It would have been closed in North Dakota, but bless the New Mexico highway patrol who, without snow plows, mind you, kept a ten-mile pass open. It was one of the hairiest winter roads I've taken in my life. Had it been at night, I would now be in a ditch.

But huge, huge shout-out to NM DOT and the NM highway patrol. Huge "can-do" attitude.

Several semi-trucks in the ditch. At least two cars in the ditch. White-out conditions at one point. But relatively short -- lasted about the time it would take to cross the bridge southwest of Williston. Fortunately the road was straight. LOL.

4:37 p.m. CT, January 1, 2018, somewhere in eastern New Mexico.

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