Monday, January 7, 2019

AGW? No. Ahhhh! -- January 7, 2019

If this is AGW, give me more.

It's not just mild, it's downright balmy.

At least that's what the curmudgeons in Starbucks said this morning at 8:30 a.m.

And it is balmy. It was forecast to hit 71 degrees, but it's already 73 degrees and it could get a degree warmer.

It will get a bit cooler later in the week, down to 66 which the radio guy said was a "more normal" temperature for north Texas this time of year. Sixty-six degrees is the "more normal" temperature, and right now its 73 degrees.

I'm lovin' it.
New England Renewable Energy

From a reader:
Brief rundown on upcoming (2 weeks out - January 22, 2019) meeting of Rhode Island coastal regulatory commission ...

Rhode Island fishermen's  advisory council unanimously voted down proposals from Vineyard Wind developer in November regarding turbine layout and compensation for lost revenues.

Week later, RI coastal commission - which DOES have regulatory authority to approve/block project - postponed decision for 2 months to see if stuff could be 'worked out.'

Last week, fishermen's group said no progress is being made.

Right now, January 22, 2019, is the date for scheduled vote to give or deny needed permit.

The fact that 2 fishermen just lost their lives on New Years day right where the existing Block Island farm is located does not bode well for developers. 
(52-foot-long boat took on water and quickly sank at 1:30 a.m.. One survivor. No more details available).

Project manager has stated permit denial will kill off project.

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