Thursday, June 21, 2018

June, 2018, Legacy Fund Deposits Just Posted -- June 21, 2018

Legacy Fund investment allocations, from The Jamestown Sun:
  • equity: 50%
  • fixed income: 35%
  • real assets: 15%
"We just want Steady Eddy. That's the best way to invest."

It seems we should be able to see the entire portfolio.

Most Recent Deposit

Link here.

A 3.1% increase over the previous recent high back in March, 2018.

A 13.2% increase month-over-month.

On a percentage basis, going up faster than atmospheric CO2.

From The Bismarck Tribune from a couple of months ago:
Meanwhile, the Legacy Fund has received monthly deposits in excess of $50 million for most months this calendar year—a number not seen since August 2015. Legacy Fund dollars are derived from 30 percent of state oil and gas tax revenue, which declined in recent years due to sagging oil prices.
Politicians are eager to start spending that Legacy Fund money. They're already spending 70% of the oil and gas tax revenue -- the Legacy Fund only skims 30% off the top. The rest, apparently, goes into the state's general fund.