Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Market, Energy, And Political Page, Part 3, T+7 -- May 15, 2018

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TSLA is now down about $10. Per share.We're not talking about the car itself.

Venezuela: I said two weeks ago that last week might be the tipping point for Venezuela. The country stumbled through another week. Now this, this week.  A lot of tankers across the Caribbean could be "left holding the bag." CNBC talking head feels strongly that Venezuela will become a "narco-nation." The nation is now running narcotics, and care very little for oil.

NBA "semi-finals" or conference championships:
  • game one, Boston Celtics smash LeBron's team: 108 - 83; series at 1 - 0; game two this evening
  • game one, Warriors beat the Rockets (interesting, huh?), 119 - 106; series at 1 - 0; game two tomorrow evening
  • this is a tough one; maybe right now, the Celtics are my favorite; not particularly "close" to any NBA team this year
Stanley Cup, "semi-finals" or conference championships:
  • Washington leads Lightning, 2 - 0, total goals, 10 vs 4; game three tonight
  • Las Vegas - Winnipeg Jets series tied at 1 - 1; total goals, 5 vs 5; game three tomorrow
  • the Jets are my personal favorite only because extended family member rooting for the Jets

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