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Random Case Study Of WPX Wells In Reunion Oil Field -- March 26, 2018


November 15, 2018: production update for #19246:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare
Original Post
Incredibly nice well comes off line:
  • 19246, 1,425, WPX, Wells 32-29H, Reunion Bay, t3/11; cum 546K 1/18; 
Recent production:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

For wells like this -- 3K/month after seven (7) years of production and a cumulative of over one-half million bbls of oil -- and then taken off-line -- one suspects some activity in the area -- 

The graphic:

From the graphic: two things to key in on.

First, #28590:
  • 28590, 1,258, WPX. Victor Elk 32-29HB, Reunion Bay, t1/15; cum 313K 1/18; look at the jump in production 1/18; FracFocus does not show any re-frack but that could be due to the fact that paperwork not yet received; no sundry form to suggest any plan to re-frack (this well will be interesting to follow -- to see if re-fracked or not); it was recently off-line for all of 22 days; look at recent production:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

The second thing to key in on: the three wells on confidential status -- #32671, #32672, #32673. All three have been fracked based on production data on the confidential scout tickets:
  • 32671, 10K produced after well completed; number of days of production not known;
  • 32672, 18K produced after well completed; number of days of production not known;
  • 32673, 19K produced after well completed; number of days of production not known;
These are going to be very nice wells. My hunch: 150K+ in first six months.

Now, let's see if FracFocus has anything: yes, they have all been fracked, see dates of frack below --
  • 33-025-03139, 12/172017/ - 1/4/2018;
  • 33-025-03140, 12/162017/ - 1/4/2018;
  • 33-025-03141, 12/172017/ - 1/4/2018;
I'm not going to go through all three because completion strategies are generally similar on neighboring wells fracked at the same time. I looked at two frack reports and the frack reports are almost identical (at FracFocus). Wow, these are small fracks, less than 6 million gallons of water.

  • 5,418,936 gallons of water
  • 45,221,021 pounds of water 
  • water was 87.43% by mass
  • 87.43% of ? = 45.221 million lbs
  • 51,722,545 total pounds
  • sand: 11.75%
  • 11.75% of  51,722,545 total pounds = 6077399 lbs of sand
  • my estimates seem to come in low, so my hunch is that about 8 million lbs of sand used in the frack; a relatively small frack by today's standards; or maybe "moderate" would be better adjective. Whatever.
So, we learned or noted several things from this exercise simply by noting that a great well had recently come off-line and the obvious question was why? What did we learn or note?
  • yes, indeed, there has been recent activity in this area that is not shown by the NDIC map
  • three wells have been completed and will report out in the near future (that data is available over at the NDIC but it's irrelevant to me, so I won't look it  up)
  • we observed a neighboring well that was taken off-line for 18 days and when it came back on-line production jumped from 4,000 bbls / month to 18,000 bbls / month
  • generally a well is taken off-line for a longer period of time if it is going to be re-fracked, suggesting this well was not re-fracked; on the other hand, the jump in production was so great, it's hard to believe it was not re-fracked -- perhaps a mini-re-frack? but I would expect FracFocus to have that data -- it does not
  • the amount of water used was incredibly low -- only 5.5 million gallons of water; a typical EOG well in a different field would have used 10 million gallons 
  • the amount of sand on a percentage basis was higher than what I normally see; I normally see about 8% sand by mass; this frack used almost 12% by mass
  • FracFocus does not identify the size of the sand used; we will have to wait for the operator's report
We will learn a lot more when the wells come off the confidential list.
Also noted: #29737 was taken off line for 20 days in December, 2017, and 17 days in January, 2018. It will be another month before we see if that well was affected. #29737 is 211 feet east of #19246.

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