Monday, June 26, 2017

Hyperdrive -- LNG Exports -- June 26, 2017

From an earlier post:

  • record-setting US LNG exports in May, 2017
  • despite exceptionally low profit margins
  • 17 LNG cargoes
  • 58.3 Bcf
  • some confusion with destinations (see linked article)
Note: about 60 Bcf over a 31-day month.


Today, EIA tweets: "After 2020, the United States will have the capacity to export more than 11 Bcf/d of LNG to global markets."

That's per day. More than 10 billion cubic feet per day only three years from now -- currently exporting about 2 billion cubic feet per day. 

By the way, US Senator Heidi Heitkamp was a special guest on CNBC this morning: one of her main points -- she wants to see more LNG export terminals built in the US. She said she had just returned from Norway (I believe she said Norway) where she saw a new state-of-the-art LNG export terminal and wants to see more of the same here in the US.

If we didn't have so many dams downstream, we could built an LNG-export terminal at the Missouri River - Yellowstone River confluence. LOL.

The Literary Page

Wow, right up my alley, as they say.

Light, A Radiant History: Creation to the Quantum Age, Bruce Watson, c. 2016. An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

Quickly paging through the book there is much about art history and that, of course, explains the Bloomsbury publisher.

I'm back in my quantum theory phase, reading The Strangest Man, a biography of P.A.M. Dirac. I still think Louisa Gilder's Age of Entanglement was a great help bringing me up to speed on the history of the theory of quantum.

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