Thursday, March 16, 2017

Is Apple Dumping AirPods On The Market? Nothing About The Bakken -- March 16, 2017

Apple has always been accused of overpricing their products: it's been called the "Apple tax" for decades.

Now, at least one analyst is accusing Apple of under-pricing its AirPods and its Apple Watches to gain market share. LOL.

This is really quite funny. Or amazing. Or ... whatever.

Here's the link.
Apple is underpricing AirPods and the Apple Watch in an effort to bring new users into its ecosystem, according to Neil Cybart of Above Avalon.
The analyst said this pricing strategy was "unimaginable" ten years ago, when Apple was often accused of pricing products artificially high, aka "Apple Tax."
AirPods cost $159 in the United States, which Cybart said is "surprisingly low" compared to competing truly wireless headphones (see link for competing products/prices).
Cybart believes a strong case could have been made for Apple to price its AirPods at $249, or even $299, but by selling them for $159, he thinks Apple has "removed all available oxygen from the wireless headphone space" and forced competitors to cut pricing in an attempt to better compete.
Earin's wireless headphones now start at $199, for example, while Motorola's VerveOnes+ are on sale for $189.99. Even at those discounted prices, however, AirPods are still cheaper at $159.
I can't make this stuff up. But I always thought the Apple Watch was way under-priced.

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