Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Texas Judge Blocks Obama's Overtime Rule; David Muir on ABC News -- Any Mention Of The "Trump Rally" -- November 22, 2016

Thank goodness, for Texas: Texas judge blocks Obama administration's new overtime rule from taking effect. Amazing. Wow, I just love Texas.

I Will Follow Him, Little Peggy March

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Trump Rally

David Muir on ABC News:

Bus killing. 24-years-old drive; five children killed; six in critical condition; driver in recent accident; just got bus-driving job in recent weeks. Driver left scene without helping. Parents already had posted numerous complaints. Blaming: lack of seat belts. Wow.

Winter storm. New "system." "Global warming" not mentioned. Minnesota to Wisconsin. Severe storms farther south.

Deadly ambush on police San Antonio officer, assassination/execution: no mention of #BlackLivesMatter.

Trump "about-face." Won't "lock-up Hillary." Flip-flop? Worries about divisiveness of the country. I'm impressed. Then morphs into Nazi salutes at Trump rallies. Give me a break. On torture? Changes his mind.

Trump: on conflict-of-interest. "The law is on my side. The president can't have conflict of interest." Say what?  There is no law with regard to "conflict-of-interest" and the "presidency."

Homeland security: urging vigilance. Okay, that's pretty helpful.

Wall Street: record high. New administration will favor business and investors.

I'm impressed. David Muir mentioned it before the first break. End of post.


I would have to say that the "American Medal of Freedom" is more exciting, more noteworthy than the Nobel Prize. Make America great again!

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