Monday, July 4, 2016

Not Quite Ready For Prime Time -- For The Archives -- Global Cooling Arguments Gaining Traction? -- WUWT -- July 4, 2016

Link here. Are scientists preparing for a flipflop back to global cooling predictions.

Don spotted an earlier article on same subject some time suggesting that scientists may be looking for "way out of their dilemma" and will blame it on decreased solar activity.

In the link above, the writer notes a number of articles now being posted that suggest scientists are starting to look at the very real possibility of global cooling. My hunch is that if this gains traction, the "warmists" will say nothing has changed in the long run. This simply "buys us a bit more time" to continue working on lowering CO2 emissions.

By the way, we should be getting the latest atmospheric CO2 levels any day now. It takes awhile for the "warmists" to massage the data before releasing the press release.

Summertime, Billy Preston (plays J. S. Bach and Ray Charles)

Cheeses: A-to-Z -- WSJ
And, How To Build A Cheese Board 

Link here

A bit of trivia: traditionally, mountain cheeses are produced in sturdy medium-to-large wheels, increasing the odds they’ll make it intact to lower elevation, where they’re sold in towns and cities.

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