Friday, March 25, 2016

Update On The Bakken Economy From The Williston Wire -- March 25, 2016

Notes from The Williston Wire:

Crosby furniture store to expand to Kenmare.
Don and Kay Garbel, owners of Garbel's Furniture and Flooring, Crosby, are preparing to open a second furniture store in Kenmare's West Side Stores. "It's kind of exciting," said Don, but at the same time, a little overwhelming. Opening a second furniture store in the midst of a regional economic downturn may seem just as counter intuitive, but it actually makes a lot of sense, said Kay. "Kenmare is a community a lot like Crosby. It's a similar size -- a similar space. It just feels like a good fit," she said.
The US Postal Service in Tioga is moving to an "updated, modern facility," planning to move to the location of Hegstad Furniture.

A new bakery, Simply Scrumptious Bakery, opened in Sidney, MT, recently. 

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