Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 33: August 16, 2015 -- August 22, 2015

Wow, what a week. Earlier I suggested that the market (the Dow) might lose 1,000 points in less than a week and wow, if I wasn't just about right. What an opportunity for long-term investors.

I also learned a bit more about the global crude oil trading market, and one of these days, I may even remember the definition of contango.

I end the week with a great Politico story with this graphic (sorry about all the white space -- that's how Politico posted the graphic):

The WTI oil crawler suggests oil broke through the $40-floor today. Peak oil? What peak oil? This is absolutely insane.

I particularly enjoyed two posts this week: the "crack cocaine and heroine" post and the Mexican swap post. Also, RBN Energy on the Mexican swap.

From The Big Lebowski

Gasoline demand is hitting new all-time records. See this post.

The top stories in the Bakken this past week:

The Bakken -- update
One-sixth of the Bakken has been drilled
Bakken rig effectiveness
XTO reports several nice wells 
HRC reports a huge well in Eagle Nest
EOG, HRC, Whiting all report huge wells
Bakken update -- Mike Filloon

CBR volumes falling 

Portable frack-sand delivery systems

Good news for farmers in the Bakken 

Bakken economy
North Dakota's financial update 
Bakken utilities get new federal loans
Per-capita spending at Wal-Mart: ND in top ten

Bakken investors
Samson Resources seeks bankruptcy protection

Major permit numbering problem over at NDIC
When will the rigs come back? 

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