Friday, August 21, 2015

Rattlesnake Point

The Mountain Gap wells are tracked here Production data for Mountain Gap wells may not be updated on this page.

Current status:


2017 (conf in blue means they were SI/NC at one time; now back on conf)
  • 33579, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 11-10H1, link here;
  • 33561, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 12-10H, link here;
  • 33560, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 6-10H1,
  • 33559, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 5-10H, from FracFocus, fracked 12/12/17 - 1/8/18; 9.65 million gallons of water; water at 78% by weight; sand at 15% by weight; 
  • 33558, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 4-10H2,
  • 33557, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 3-10H,
  • 33556, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 2-10H1,
  • 33123, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 10-10H, link here;
  • 33122, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 9-10H2,
  • 33121, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 8-10H1, see update here; fracked 10/8/17 - 10/18/17; 10.4 million gallons of water; by weight, 85% water; 15% sand; link here;
  • 33120, conf, CLR, Mountain Gap 7-10H, see update here; link here;
  • 32781, 1,067, CLR, Bridger 11-14H1, 1,127 bbls over 4 days in 6/17; t12/17; cum 140K 6/18;
  • 32740, 1,485, CLR, Bridger 10-14H2, was a DUC; now on CONF; and 23,385 bbls in 8/17; t9/17; cum 202K 6/18;
  • 31847, 1,515, CLR, Bridger 9-14H1, was a DUC; now on CONF; and 33,124 bbls in 8/17; t8/17; cum 181K 6/18;
  • 31846, 1,389, CLR, Bridger 8-14H, was a DUC; now on CONF; and 32,268 bbls in 8/17; t8/17; cum 168K 6/18;
  • 31845, 879, CLR, Bridger 7-14H2, was a DUC; now on CONF; and 24,435 bbls in 8/17; t8/17; cum 174K 6/18;
  • 29713, IA, CLR, Thorvald 3-6H, Rattlesnake Point, t--; cum --
  • 29712, IA, CLR, Cuskelly 3-7H, Rattlesnake Point, t--; cum -- 
  • 29711, CONF, CLR, Cuskelly 4-7H1, Rattlesnake Point, t--; cum --; producing nicely; 
  • 29710, CONF, CLR, Thorvald 3-6H, Rattlesnake Point, t--; cum --; producing a bit
  • 29709, loc, CLR, Thorvald 5-6H2,
  • 29708, loc, CLR, Cuskelly 5-7H2,
  • 29554, 1,018, CLR, Bridger 4-14H2, t1/16; cum 278K 6/18;
  • 29553, 1,160, CLR, Bridger 5-14H, t9/15; cum 319K 6/18;
  • 29552, 1,977, CLR, Bridger 6-14H1, t9/15; cum 228K 6/18; jump in production after neighboring wells fracked;
  • 29551, 1,311, CLR, Bonneville 4-23H, 55 stages; 9/3 million lbs, t8/17; cum 143K 4/18;
  • 29550, 1,407, CLR, Bonneville 5-23H1, was a DUC; now on CONF; t8/17; cum 157K 4/18;
  • 29549, 1,518, CLR, Bonneville 6-23H1, was a DUC; now on CONF; and 10,023 bbls in 8/17; t8/17; cum 165K 4/18;
  • None
  • 22203, 1,430, CLR, Cuskelly 2-7H, t3/14; cum 174K 4/18;

June 27, 2018: huge Mountain Gap wells being reported. See this post.

October 22, 2017: lots of activity in this field in 7/17 - 8/17; data updated

August 22, 2015: see first comment --
Some interesting things going on with all these new wells you talk about. None of the nine new wells have ever been on confidential so you have access to their well files.
The 6-well pad is on a 2560-acre unit; the last three Bridger wells are on a 1280-acre spacing unit. The Bonneville wells are being drilled right now as 2 MB wells and 1 TF1 well. The Bridger wells appear to have been fracked? They are MB TF1 & TF2 wells. Oil has already been hauled off for two of the Bridger wells with the note on the form that this is NOT the first sale of oil, also noted something about coil tube sale? What does that mean?  [Comment: readers will have to weigh in; I do not know but I will see what I can find out.]
Of the new wells, same layout MB TF1 & TF2, it appears that they must be in a big hurry to drill as it looks to me like the day NDIC approved the permits the surface casing for all three had already been set? If I read the file correctly.
Also if you look in the new files the plan and profile for the wells on the drilling unit show a detail I don't think I have seen before. There are ovals drawn perpendicular to the well bore and the further north they go the larger they become. You suppose those ovals represent the frack effort they intend to achieve?
Also note on the gas capture form they estimate that the initial daily flow of oil, not counting gas, is just over 2,100 barrels a day each for all three. (I don't understand gas production numbers.) That would be a high IP rate for a CLR well let alone that rate for any period of time. Maybe for design purposes they overstate anticipated production? When you look at the area map of these wells you realize the north end of these wells are not far from the south end of a very special Whitman well in the Oakdale field. It will be interesting to follow over the next year or so to see how these wells turn out. [Comment: lots of observations and comments; I will do what I can. Hopefully, other readers will weigh in -- provide some thoughts.]

Original Post (August 21, 2015)

Rattlesnake Point is a very irregularly shaped field, fairly small (15 sections), and not very active except in a couple of locations. It is located in the northwest corner of Dunn County. The most active area is in section 23-146-96, in the southeast corner of Rattlesnake Point where there are no less than eleven (11) wells (or permits) currently sited and CLR added another three to this section on August 21, 2015, three more Bridger wells.

I track the Bonneville and Bridger wells here

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