Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pi = 3.14159265359 -- Party Time!

Saturday is the Pi(e) Day of the Century: 3.14159265359.

  • 3= March 
  • 14 = Day 
  • 15 = Year 
  • 9:26 (either am or pm -- for a party, "PM" works better) 
  • 53 seconds 
  • 59 milliseconds
Obama Update

The Obama administration has a news embargo on Ebola stories but "independent" news outlets are still reporting the grim statistics.

First: an American who contracted Ebola in Africa will be treated in America. According to the AP, the individual will be admitted to NIH in Bethesda.

Reuters/WHO reports that most recent death tally stands at 10,000 from current West Africa outbreak.

Meanwhile, Variety is reporting:
Dr. Nancy Snyderman, the veteran TV-news medical correspondent, said she would step down from her job at NBC News. Snyderman was caught breaking a voluntary quarantine in New Jersey after potentially being exposed to the Ebola virus while covering the recent outbreak in Liberia, and subsequently took time off. [Comment: she will be joining Brian Williams in an undisclosed location.]
At least it's hard to catch.
Hillary Rising

Earlier I posted that the Hillary e-mail story would be forgotten by Americans within a month. I was off by 29 days. Polls show that Hillary's popularity remains high, outstripping that of GOP rivals. Jay Leno's "jay-walkers" thought everyone had a private e-mail; they don't know what the fuss is all about.

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