Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bakken 101 -- Stratrigraphy Of The Bakken Pool

For newbies: this is a screen shot from Whiting's corporate presentation, November, 2013.

I believe I have posted this screen shot previously; if not, I have certainly discussed it. Not all pay zones are in every area of the North Dakota Bakken.

The Scallion is sometimes referred to as the "false Bakken." See first comment below.

Note: The slide does not delineate the upper Three Forks and the lower Three Forks. The vast majority of "Three Forks" wells in North Dakota targeted the upper Three Forks. Only a handful of wells (CLR, KOG) have tested the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th benches of the lower Three Forks.

Be sure to double-click on the screen-shot to open it in another window. Note the millions of barrels of original oil in place per 1280-acre spacing unit. The recovery rate from the Bakken Pool is variously reported from 1% to 8%.


  1. Bruce False Bakken is above/younger than the Scallion.

    1. You are absolutely correct. Thank you for noting that. It's been corrected.

      I will leave the correction in the main body of the blog for awhile; I hope it doesn't add to the confusion. I will remove it at a later date, but I like to give credit to readers when they find errors. Thank you.

      There is a long story behind my mistake; I've repeated this mistake numerous times, and am in the process of correcting it where I find it.

      Again, a big "thank you" to Borg for pointing this out.